Top 5 Creepy Book Covers

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Hello and welcome back! After Tuesday’s post about my top 5 Halloween reads, today I’m back with another top 5 list for you guys. This time I’ll show you those five book covers that for some reason completely freak me out. Normally these books wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I found their covers so creepy/appalling that I decided they deserve a place on my blog.

So, here goes. My top five list of the creepiest book covers in no particular order:

Top 5 Creepy Book Covers

  1. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
    This is actually my favourite one – and even though the cover looks quite scary, I love the overall effect. I love the bleak setting and the mysterious clouds in the background – it’s creepy but in a good sense. If I was in a bookshop and saw this book for the very first time, I’d no doubt stop and pick it up to read the back cover.
  2. Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
    There’s something about those eyes, the guy’s pale skin and the redness around his eyes that makes this quite simple image pretty disturbing. Even though I don’t think I’d read the book itself, it still looks great. Also, Dust & Decay and Patient Zero (the author’s two other books) look similarly disturbing – but again, in a good way.
  3. They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon
    The eyes. And the mouth. That’s all.
  4. The Howling by Gary Brandner
    I love retro covers like this! I love those scratches on the wall and the fact that you can’t see the woman herself (apart from the fact that she’s screaming).
  5. The Vivisector by Patrick White
    Okay. Now this one is terrifying in a totally bad way. You won’t be able to see the details in the photo above but take a look at the original picture here. It’s just….. disgusting. It’s definitely enough to give me nightmares! Ugh. UGH! *shudders*

What do you think are the creepiest book covers of all time?


    • says

      Agreed, that’s my favourite one as well. It’s a tiny bit creepy (but definitely not as much as some of the others) but still eye-catching and well done.

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