Showcase Sunday #34

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and the Story Siren, the aim of Showcase Sunday is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week. For more information about how this feature works and how to join in, click here.

Hello everyone! Right. Well, I was planning on doing an e-book haul this weekend since I went a bit crazy on Netgalley (see? That’s how long my first bookish New Year’s resolution lasted. A month. Marvellous.) but I’m still waiting to hear back from them so maybe next week. BUT – and I’m holding my index finger up here – me and my mum went on a super quick book shopping spree the other day and I scored another Agatha Christie novel (the 29th book in my Christie collection, if I’m not mistaken). Booyah!

Showcase Sunday 34

And I also got two e-books: (click on the book covers to check out their synopses)

As I mentioned in my previous post this week, I already read the first few pages of Now You See Me and it’s been brilliant so far. If you like crime fiction and thrillers in particular, this one might be worth checking out. I came across Mari Jungstedt’s books in one of our local bookshops but they didn’t have the first book in the series (obviously…) so I decided to get the e-book instead. I haven’t read any Scandinavian crime before so I’ve no idea what to expect – but hey, it’s worth a try.

How was your week? Did you get anything nice?

If you did a Showcase Sunday post (or a book haul or Letterbox Love or anything else), make sure to link up and/or leave a comment below – and have a lovely weekend! :) xxx


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    Your mug is SO beautiful!!! As an English girl I LOVE anything tea-related :)

    I’ve heard lots of positive things about S.J. Bolton’s books so really hope you enjoy this one! Just read the Goodreads page for it, and it sounds like it’s going to be a great read!

    Hope you have a great Sunday Vicky xxxxx
    Megan @ReadingInTheSunshine recently posted..Showcase Sunday #4My Profile

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      Thank you!!!! :)

      You have? Oh, that’s great. I haven’t heard anything about her books but judging by the first few pages it’s going to be a gripping story.

      Have a great Sunday! Big hugs xxxx

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      Me either :( I think the last Christie book I read was back in October or even earlier than that. I’ve been trying to catch up on review books for months and I haven’t had much time for “fun reading”. Looking forward to reading this one, though!

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    Oh another great haul this week Vicky! I’ve never read an Agatha Christie novel before I know the shame! I hope to change that soon! I hope you enjoy the rest of your reads too! And I adore your mug, such a true saying! :)
    Jasprit recently posted..Showcase Sunday #20My Profile

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      GASP! *pokes her arm* *keeps poking* You should! And Then There Were None, Murder Is Easy or A Murder is Announced would be a good place to start 😉 And thank you!

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      I am! I’m still trying to read and review the review books I got last year (women’s fiction mostly) but I’ll be reading lots of thrillers and mysteries next month. :)

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    I really need to build up my Agatha Christie collection. I think I’ve read them all now, or at least all the Poirots, but because I always used to get them from the library (always in the large print section!), I don’t actually own any.

    I love that mug! :-)
    Vicky H recently posted..Showcase Sunday #4My Profile

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      Wow, you’ve read a lot more than me, then! I borrowed some of them as well but I’m planning on buying the entire collection, one book at a time (minus the books she wrote under a pseudonym which I don’t like). :) Which one’s your favourite?

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        Wow that’s a hard question! It’s been so long since I’ve read them, I can’t actually remember them very well and they all kind of blur into each other. Which is why I need to build my collection – so I can read them all again! 😀 It’s probably one everyone knows, but I do love ‘Death on the Nile’. It just has such great characters. I also have a soft spot for ‘And Then There Were None’ because my friends acted in a play version of it when we were at high school! And I like any of the books where we get a deeper look into Poirot’s personality and past.

        Fun fact – I actually had my wedding at the hotel where Agatha Christie went missing for awhile – The Old Swan Hotel. It wasn’t our main reason for picking the venue, but it was a fun surprise when we found out!
        Vicky H recently posted..Showcase Sunday #4My Profile

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          Yeah, I know – it’s been a while since I read (most of) them and I don’t remember all the details either. I actually haven’t read Death on the Nile yet but the film adaptation was pretty good! Do you remember Murder is Easy? I really liked that one :) (and And Then There Were None too, of course – I don’t think I’ll ever find a book I love as much as I loved this one)

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      It is! Whittard has a whole range of these Keep Calm and Carry On type of mugs, they’re so cool. And it is! Only 51 more to go… 😀

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    Agatha Christie – yay!!! :)

    I haven’t seen this particular cover for One Two Buckle My Shoe. Thanks for sharing. Now You See Me sounds wonderful – I’ll look forward to reading your review on the book.

    Have a gorgeous week!
    Henrietta recently posted..Showcase Sunday (31)My Profile

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    I’m collecting the Agatha Christie books in that edition too. I have no idea how many I have, but at a quick glance (because I can’t be bothered getting off my bed) I’d estimate… 25, maybe? They look so nice all lined up on the shelf, don’t they?
    Hanna @ Booking In Heels recently posted..Reading Journal #1My Profile

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      Hope you’ll enjoy them :) I like them too but I like Poirot a lot more – I’m not a big fan of the Miss Marple adaptations for some reason.

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    I haven’t read that particular Agatha Christie book, but as you know I am a big fan, so I’ll be interested to hear what this one is like! I love that cover, too – and I especially like your mug, that seems to sum up my whole life quite nicely! There can never be enough tea. :)
    kit recently posted..Showcase Sunday #18My Profile

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      My thoughts exactly! :) I know, and I’ll make sure to let you know! (Although I don’t think I’ll have time to read it anytime soon :( )

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    Oh I adore your mug. :) And what a great set of books! I’ve been meaning to read S.J. Bolton for a while now but have heard fantastic things. And your 29th Agatha Christie? I’m terrible. I have never read anything of hers. She has so many I don’t quite know where to start. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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      Oh, do read them, she’s amazing! And Then There Were None, Murder is Easy and A Murder is Announced are three of my favourites so I’d definitely recommend these. Oh, and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is really good as well. It doesn’t really matter where you start, though – they can be read in any order.

      What I did last year was, I checked out this page which lists all of her books in order of their original publication date and started reading them from the very beginning. :) (hope it helps!)

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        Oh that’s good to know that no particular order is required, but I may consider reading this from the start of publication. I did that once I finally started reading Stephen King and loved seeing how his writing developed as time progressed.

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          That’s exactly why I decided to start reading (and re-reading) her books from the beginning. It’ll be interesting to see how her style changed over the years (or if it changed at all).

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    OH WOW. I love Agatha Christie – and that cover is gorgeous! <3 AND LOOK AT YOUR MUG. It's awesome. I haven't heard of the other two e-books, but they sound interesting, so I think I'll check them out on GR when I have the time.

    Great haul as usual, Vicky! And where did you get that cup? I think it'll be the death of me if I don't get a cup like that quick! 😉
    Megan K. recently posted..50 Books in 2013 to AnticipateMy Profile

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      She’s great, isn’t she?! :) The mug is from Whittard – they have (or at least they used to have them last year) a whole range of Keep Calm and Carry On kinda products, they’re great!


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