Review: The Watcher – Charles Maclean

Cover of The Watcher by Charles Maclean

Title: The Watcher
Author: Charles Maclean
Publication date:  January 5, 2012
Publisher: Penguin Books
Format: Paperback
Length: 332 pages
Genre: Horror
Age group: Adult
Source: Publisher
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There was no warning of any kind . . .’

Friday rush-hour. Martin Gregory, laden with packages, just manages to catch the 4.48 train. Tomorrow is his wife’s birthday – he has a surprise in store – and he plans to devote the weekend to her and their beloved dogs. But Saturday morning, Martin rises early and does something so horrific, so inexplicable and so out of character his only option is to run . . .

And from this shocking incident the journey begins. With the help of a therapist he can’t trust, and friends who no longer trust him, Martin’s quest for meaning takes him down shifting realities and twisting corridors of time into the deepest recesses of the human mind. It is a world of menace and obsession from which neither he – nor the reader – can escape, for Martin Gregory is either lost in a dark maze of madness and horror, or frighteningly sane.

The Watcher by Charles Maclean is another great example for the common saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. When I looked at my review copy and read the synopsis, I thought I knew what was coming: a fast paced horror story, people dying one by one, the protagonist getting madder by the day. Boy, was I wrong. Even though it’s completely different from what I expected, it’s an interesting read and without a doubt nothing like any of the horror stories I’ve read before.

Contrary to my expectations, it’s definitely not an easy read. It starts in a rather shocking way which, if you’re easily upset, might put you off. If you like dogs, I don’t recommend that you pick this up at all. While it didn’t put me off entirely, it was enough to make me feel a contempt for Martin from the very beginning. The narrative, on the other hand, is very cleverly written – one minute we see everything from Dr. Somerville’s (the therapist) perspective and think that Martin’s a lunatic, then we see things from Martin Gregory’s perspective and think that Somerville is trying to set him up, to manipulate him. Throughout two-thirds of the story, I had no idea who to belive – Martin or Somerville.

As I said, the plot is very different from what I expected. For me the first half of the novel dragged on a little bit and it didn’t really wow me, but the second half was really creepy. It’s not even what happens in the story but how Martin acts – as he’s getting more and more paranoid and mentally unstable, us readers feel less and less insecure because we have literally no idea what he’s capable of or what he might do next.

It’s quite a disturbing read, I have to agree with that – but not in a gory way, rather psychologically. If you’re looking for a murder mystery, this one is definitely not for you. Since the novel deals with regression therapy, hypnosis and how our subconscious works (rather than who kills whom), fans of psychology or psychological horror/thriller will no doubt find The Watcher rather interesting.

*Thank you to Penguin for sending me a review copy of this book*

21 Responses to “Review: The Watcher – Charles Maclean”

  1. Great review. I still have this one to read. I’m not great with books with a slow start though :( ?…hmm will try it one day haha
    Natalie Frampton recently posted..Review: Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica RothMy Profile

    • Vicky says:

      Me neither but there’s something about it that makes you want to keep reading it I think. :) It was quite slow at times but I wanted to find out what’s going on so desperately that I just kept on reading. :D x

  2. Rachel says:

    Very detailed review! Interesting on how the two narrators dislike each other. Sounds like a very unique story!
    Rachel recently posted..The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead ReviewMy Profile

  3. Great review! It sounds like a very original horror. I like the psychological twist, so I’m going to add this one to my list. Thanks!
    Melanie @thedailyprohecy recently posted..Top 10 Tuesday (9)My Profile

  4. Melissa says:

    Hmmm…I’m generally not one for horror but I love psychological suspense…this sounds like a good one!
    Melissa recently posted..Release Day Party & Giveaway: Unicorn KeepMy Profile

    • Vicky says:

      Yeah, I agree – I haven’t read too much horror but I think I’ll stick with suspense and thriller. Horror lacks something that thriller books have I guess.

  5. kimba88 says:

    Great review..i do love king or crime thrillers..i am not sure how i feel about reading this one the jury is still out.
    kimba88 recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday : Shadows of the NightMy Profile

    • Vicky says:

      Hehe yeah. I just said to Melissa that I’m not a big fan of horror either, I prefer books with more suspense. It was an interesting and a different read but I think I’ll stick with thriller (and mysteries) in the future :)

  6. Andrea says:

    Great review, this sounds really interesting. I really like the idea of the two different perspectives, and wondering what Martin is really like. I love psychological thrillers, will definitely need to check this one out!
    Andrea recently posted..Review: The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerryMy Profile

  7. Beckie says:

    Hi Vicky. Hope you are doing well. :)

    Thank you for stopping by Bittersweet Enchantment I love your review. I am always looking for a fun horror novel and The Watcher is not a book I was aware of.

    – Beckie
    Beckie recently posted..Top Ten Tuesday (#2) + Teaser Tuesday (#23)My Profile

  8. Hmm ._. LOL, this kinda creeps me out just hearing about it. I bet it’s worse because I have no idea what happens but… I’m not quite sure I want to either ;o The cover is definitely creepy. o.o
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Review: The Infernal Devices (1 & 2) by Cassandra ClareMy Profile

    • Vicky says:

      Agreed! The beginning was really creepy and some of the more intense parts are really scary as well – mainly because Martin is mad and you just don’t know what he’s capable of or what he might do next. 0___0

  9. Dalene says:

    That sounds very interesting! You got me with the dog thing. And I love the cover. Thanks for the review :)
    Dalene recently posted..Spring Carnival Blog HopMy Profile

    • Vicky says:

      Me too! That bit (the one with this white gift box) was my favourite part in this book – but yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it to dog lovers. :)

  10. I love reading Horror books and it’s been a while since I’ve read one.
    I have been way to engrossed in YA books.
    This one sounds like a very disturbing book. It’s really too bad that the first half was slow. :/
    Thanks for the great review.
    I’m going to have to check this one out soon ! :)
    Nick @ Nick’s Book Blog recently posted..Review : Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

  11. michael says:

    I read the watcher about 30 years ago, and loved it. it went out of print and 30 years later I was trying to find it again. At the same time I was looking for a place to rent and called a guy up from an ad…..The guy was Charles MacLean, author of The Watcher. That is an absolutely true story.

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