Review: The Brightest Star in the Sky – Marian Keyes

The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

Title: The Brightest Star in the Sky
Author: Marian Keyes
Publication date 21 December 2010
Publisher: Penguin
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780141399973
Length: 613
Genre: Chick-lit / Women’s fiction
Age group: Adult
Source: Purchased
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When people ask me who my favourite authors are and I start gushing over Marian Keyes’ amazingness, they tend to think: right, she’s a chick-lit girl. She’s living in her fairytale world, likes pink, wears high heels 24/7, is addicted to chocolate and most importantly, doesn’t like classic literature.Those people who tend to label us for reading chick-lit should be prepared because they are in for a surprise. The Brightest Star in the Sky is so much more than just a nice story.

On a bright summer day, sometime in June, a mysterious visitor arrives at 66 Star Street. He’s patiently waiting while we get to know the tenants of this Dublin house – Katie, who works in the music industry and spends her time looking after once fabulous rock starts and appears to be celebrating her fortieth birthday. In the flat below hers, a female taxi driver called Lydia – a tough cookie, I would say, and definitely one of the most interesting characters in the novel. She lives with her two flatmates, Jan and Andrei – two good-looking Poles. The first floor flat is occupied by Jemima, an 88-year-old psychic who is currently looking after her foster son, Fionn. Fionn – originally a gardener from a little town called Pokey- is a good looking guy and is auditioning for his own TV show in Dublin. On the ground floor we find Matt and Maeve, a married couple with odd habits and dark secrets. As the days are passing by and our visitor is still waiting, Keyes invites us on a journey and we enter a magical world full of laughter, tears, love and hate, memories and well-kept secrets.

The Brightest Star in the Sky is a charming tale about life and the problems of our generation, where teenagers grow up in the belief that self-harm is fun and getting pregnant to get attention is nothing out of the ordinary. It shows how thin the line is between love and hate, it proves that nothing is what it seems like therefore we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It shows that there’s no such thing as a perfect family, a perfect relationship. We all tend to believe what we are allowed to see but Keyes lets us take a sneak peek behind closed doors and proves us wrong. It’s a gripping story with an unusual narrative which encourages us to pluck up the courage to make decisions, to stand up for ourselves and most importantly, tells us not to worry about things too much because “one day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter”. Keyes’ work is almost like a movie – you keep wanting more, you simply don’t want it to end. Expect the unexpected because Keyes will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Marian Keyes is the international bestselling author of Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, Rachel’s Holiday , Last Chance Saloon, Sushi for Beginners, Angels, The Other Side of the Story,and Anybody Out There. She is published in twenty-nine different languages. Two collections of her journalism, Under the Duvet and Further Under the Duvet, are also published by Penguin. Marian lives in Dublin with her husband. The Brightest Star in the Sky is Keyes’ 10th novel.



  1. Carrie says

    I dislike booksnobs! I enjoy various genres, and I wouldn't put my nose up at reading a Marian Keyes novel. In fact, I think I have!

  2. Shilpa says

    I like novels which takes us on a journey of multiple characters. This concept of having the characters in the same building is awesome. And a man waiting for someone outside to meet one of them keeps the suspense alive. Great review!

  3. кєяo says

    I read my first chick lit last month so this genre is new to me. This book sounds good, like so many stories in one apartment building. I'm not sure if I'll pick this book up very soon but it does makes me feel good to know about more chick lit books.

    Thanks for following my blog.
    Followed back!
    Kero @ Kero's Book Blog


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