Reading Challenges – 2013 Edition

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about reading challenges for the new year and whether I should sign up or not and even though I’ll be pretty busy until mid-June, I decided to sign up for two reading challenges. I took a quick look at my bookshelf the other day and realised that I have way too many books I haven’t read yet, so one of my bookish new year resolutions will be to read these. Anyway, the two challenges I eventually signed up for are:

Goals – Dystopia Reading Challenge 2013

Dystopia is something that became one of my favourite genres in the past year and there’s a few books I’ve been meaning to read for a while but haven’t managed to. I’m terrible at sticking to reading lists but whatever happens, I’d love to finish these four paperbacks (which, with the exception of Insurgent, are book #1 in a series) and if I like them, continue with the series. I also have quite a few Kindle books I purchased a while ago and would like to read for this challenge. These eight books I’m planning to read are:

Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Gone by Michael Grant
Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Matched by Ally (ebook)
The Maze Runner by James Dashner (ebook)
Article 5 by Kristen Simmons (ebook)
Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne (ebook)

Goals – Mystery / Crime Reading Challenge 2013

I’m SO happy I finally found a crime challenge! Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve been looking for one for weeks with no luck – right until now. Huzzah! My main goal for this challenge is to finish these two stacks of mysteries and thrillers before the end of the year. All of them have been on my bookshelf for several months now and some of them even longer than that. It’ll be a great opportunity to read some of my long neglected books instead of buying even more. The books in question are:

The Mermaids Singing by Val McDermid                                     From Doon With Death by Ruth Rendell
A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George                                   The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie
The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver                                          Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz
The Black Ice by Michael Connelly                                               The Last Temptation by Val McDermid
The Black Echo by Michael Connelly                                            The Wire in the Blood by Val McDermid
Faithful Place by Tana French                                                         Dead Before Dying by Deon Meyer
The Likeness by Tana French
Broken Harbour by Tana French

And if all goes according to plan, I’m also hosting a challenge with my bookish pal, Celine from Nyx Book Reviews. We’ll keep you posted! :)

Have you read any of these books? Are you guys joining any challenges in 2013?


  1. Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog says

    I just finished the Maze Runner last night. it was a mix between Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies lol. The second half of the book was great, but it took me awhile to get into it. Good luck with your goals!

  2. maja says

    Are you telling me that you still haven’t read the hunger games series? :O Oh my gosh, how is that even possible :D

  3. says

    Look forward to your thoughts on ‘Gone’ as it’s one of those books I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now.
    Hope you have a good holiday season, Vicky, and wish you all the best for 2013 :) Katja x
    Katja recently posted..Book Bag (021)My Profile

  4. says

    I have Been wanting to sign up for challenges ever since i started the blog. I have never found the right one though!

    I am thinking about starting a 2013 free ebook challenge. so people can find more freebies :) what do you think ?

    ps i hope you do well on your challenges! and you need to read Life as we Knew it as soon as possible!!! :)

    Have a great Christmas and an even better new year hunny!!!! xxxx <3

    • says

      Oh, that’s a good idea! I think there’s already a challenge for that, though. It’s called Why Buy The Cow… if I remember correctly. (or something similar) :)

      Thanks hun! Have a wonderful Christmas and new year! xxxxxx

  5. says

    I’m planning on doing the series catch up challenge and am also really trying to focus on reading books that I own. I’m terrible about buying books but continuing to read books I check out from the library! I love the idea of the dystopian challenge though, I have a ton of those that I need to get around to reading. Love Jeffery Deaver and really need to read Tana French myself. Good luck!

  6. says

    I plan on joining the Mystery / Crime challenge also. A lot of books that you list are ones I want to get to also: the Tana French books, read more Michael Connelly. The Deon Meyer book. A Great Deliverance is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. I have a couple of dystopian novels on my TBR list also.
    TracyK recently posted..My Favorite Reads in 2012My Profile

  7. says

    Life as we knew it was pretty good from what I remember. We had a bad winter storm the week after I read it. I scrambled around stocking up on batteries and extra flash lights and I kept thinking about what I read in that book… I totally over reacted. Lol.

    I’ve never been good with challenges. Ever. I always tend to create my own (sometimes just in my head). Good luck. Oh Sharp Objects was a great mystery too.
    Johannah recently posted..According To Me Give Away!My Profile

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