Pre-Blogoversary Celebration: YOU interview me!


Hello everyone and welcome back! As you can see, my blog is almost 1 year old! My blogoversary is coming up on Monday (September 24th) and I’ve some fun posts planned for next week to celebrate this milestone. Also, inspired by the lovely Mel from Mel’s Random Reviews (who celebrated her blogoversary only last month), I decided to dedicate one day to blogger interviews: that is, you get to interview me.

What it means basically is that with the help of the contact form at the end of this post, you can ask me anything you like, from reading/blogging related questions to this or that questions or totally random ones, whatever you prefer. :) I’ll collect all your questions early next week and answer them as part of my blogoversary.

It’ll hopefully be a great way for you to get to know the girl behind the blog a little bit better. :) If you’d like to ask me a question – whether anonymously or not – feel free to do so via the contact form below.

Thanks a million and happy reading!


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