Musing Mondays (31 Oct)

Musing Mondays is a weekly event hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Each week MizB asks a book related question and bloggers answer with their thoughts about the given topic.

This week’s question:

Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less? Why?

I definitely read more now than I did when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved reading. Especially as a teenager – I read much more than my friends and my classmates, but it was still a small amount compared to how much I read now. A couple of years ago I started to buy books that were written in English and that’s when I became a full time bookworm. English is not my first language so it was a great way to practice my language skills as well and it was such a nice feeling that I actually understood what I read. :) So English books started to grow on me and there came a time when I stopped reading Hungarian books altogether. At the same time, I started to read a lot. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I read in a foreigh language which makes it even more fun. :)

Anyway, I read a lot now – I like to pick up a book whenever I’m not on my computer and since I’m a night owl, I usually curl up in bed with a hot cuppa and stay up late, reading a good book. Now that I joined Goodreads and I have a blog, I never run out of books, and even if I don’t have much time to read due to other commitments, I still tend to finish a book each week.

How about you? Feel free to leave a comment with either the link to your own Musing Mondays post, or share your answer here (if you don’t have a blog). Thanks!

11 Responses to “Musing Mondays (31 Oct)”

  1. Sheena says:

    Great answer and what a great way to get familiar with a new language! Thanks for stopping through!

  2. Melissa says:

    Great answer. I also like curling up with a cup of tea and reading late into the night, especially when I don't have to work the next day! Hope you had a good day! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Monaliz says:

    Mine reading also increased when I switched from Finnish to English. Though it took me a while to get enough courage to start my first book in English! Which was btw Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series, never regretted it! :)

  4. Gigi Ann says:

    I love reading also, much more now then when I was a youngster. Interesting that you like reading in English now.

    Thanks for the visit to my reading corner today.

  5. LibrarySnake says:

    It's interesting that you read even more in a foreign language. Very cool :)

    Here's mine:

  6. Amy says:

    It's always hard to find time to read when life is so busy, makes me miss being a kid again. :)

    Happy Halloween!

  7. Amy says:

    Great answer! English is not my first language either. When I started reading books in English it helped a lot with my vocabulary and writing. Now I don't even read books in my language, and my stories are all in English. Haha.
    Gorgeous blog header by the way! I'm following :D

  8. Hira says:

    Actually I'm still a teenager (15 years old) & I get loads and loads of HW. And then there's friends and everything. Between all that it's hard for me to take out time. Plus studies just keep getting harder and harder with every passing year =/
    BTW Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your feedback! =) And Happy Halloween to you too! =D


  9. Island Reader says:

    Ooh, I never thought about reading as a tool to helping with another language. Such a great idea! Thanks for stopping by IR.

    Happy Halloween!

  10. caite says:

    yes, since blogging I seem to have so, so many books from several places. what a wonderful

  11. JC Jones says:

    I really admire your for reading in a second language. I wish I had done that with Spanish. Instead I have lost most of my ability to even speak the language. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It takes another reader to understand my addition to books.

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