Lucy Dillon’s Launch Party: In Pictures

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that I haven’t been online too much in the past couple of days. The reason for that is that Hodder & Stoughton has invited me to the book launch of A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon, and when I wasn’t working or running errands I had my nose buried in the book, trying to finish it before Wednesday’s party.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, Zarina from Page to Stage Reviews and myself headed off to Central London to toast Lucy and her wonderful new novel in a gorgeous Edwardian bookshop, Daunt Books. Neither of us have been there before so we weren’t prepared for how stunning it is with its skylights and long galleries – it was definitely the perfect setting for such an event. Needless to say, we couldn’t resist sneaking upstairs with a glass of wine and taking a few pictures of the beautiful interior and the gathering crowd below us.

Lucy Dillon's launch party at Daunt Books Marylebone

Mini notebooks

A Hundred Pieces of Me display

Signed Lucy Dillon book

It was a fantastic evening and not only did we manage to talk to Lucy herself (and get our books signed!), as well as authors Rebecca Chance and Kate Harrison, but we also met some people from the Hodder team, including the lovely Vero, Francesca (Lucy’s editor, who also happens to be working with Fergus McNeill, one of my favourite crime writers, and who remembered one of the drawings I made recently! Mind = blown) and Alix, who runs Wish List, Hodder’s weekly women’s fiction newsletter. I don’t know about you but I always find it incredibly strange, yet very exciting, when I finally get to meet someone I know from Twitter or their blogs in real life, so meeting the three lovely Hodder ladies in the flesh was definitely one of my highlights of the day.

Although I still need to sit down and write my review (feel free to poke me repeatedly in the arm until I do so), I loved Lucy’s book. It’s such a hopeful, optimistic story and Gina, the main character, is a true inspiration. I’m hoping to post my full review sometime this weekend so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you so much to Vero and the Hodder team for inviting us to Lucy’s party – we had a great time and it was so lovely to finally meet you all. :)


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