John Lewis’s Secret Santa Challenge


I know, I know. It’s not even December yet and here I am talking about Christmas. I can’t help it (and I know I’m not the only one). It’s my favourite time of the year and once the Halloween decorations are stored away at the end of October I’m ready for the Christmas holidays. What makes it even more exciting this year is that I’ve been chosen as one of the lucky bloggers who get to take part in the John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge.

I was thinking about signing up for a bookish Secret Santa last year but my December turned out to be a bit hectic and in the end I didn’t manage to do so. But I absolutely love looking for Christmas presents for friends and family and I love the idea of sending a lovely surprise to someone I don’t know (I mean, who doesn’t like browsing for presents and meeting new people online?) so I’m really looking forward to this one. :)

For this challenge, John Lewis will send me the details of another blogger early next week and I’ll have two days to research their blog – read their posts and get an idea of their personality – and choose a gift from a list provided by the John Lewis team. Once I’ve chosen the perfect gift (and enclosed a personal message to the blogger) JL will send it to them at the end of November and I’ll be able to show you what my Secret Santa gave me as well.

I. Can’t. Wait. *runs around in circles*

Are you guys participating in this challenge or any other Secret Santa this year? Or if you did it last year, what did you get? Would you sign up again?


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      It does! It’s almost like being a kid again. 😀 We used to do a Secret Santa back in secondary school and it was always tons of fun.

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    This sounds like the coolest thing ever! I would probably be very undecided on what to get people though .. Hope you get a good present from your secret Santa :DDDD

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      I know, especially if it’s not a book blogger. There are lots of fashion and beauty bloggers taking part as well and we don’t know if we’re going to be paired up with someone from the same blogging community or not. Part of me thinks it would be exciting to get someone from a different ‘group’ (a beauty blogger, for example) but… yes, choosing something will be difficult! 😀 Can’t wait, though!


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