John Lewis Secret Santa Goodies

You might remember that I posted about the John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge that I was lucky enough to take part in this time last month. I received my presents nearly two weeks ago and I thought I’d show you what my Secret Santa chose me. :)

When I opened the first box I  found a big box of hot chocolates inside and was absolutely thrilled. I’m obsessed with hot chocolate and it’s one of my favourite hot beverages to drink while reading. And then literally an hour later two other boxes showed up. You can imagine my surprise as I honestly thought the hot choc selection was all I’d get! But it turns out it was only one third of a complete gift set.

John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge

John Lewis hot chocolate selectionJohn Lewis Annoushka Hot Water Bottle£20
Jolly Hot Chocolate Selection, £12.50

After I managed to pick my jaw up off the floor I started opening the rest of the presents. The second box contained a hot water bottle with a furry and VERY very soft cover, which I absolutely love! I’m literally glued to my hot water bottle throughout winter so it was definitely a perfect choice. The third one was a lovely fleece bathrobe, which is SO soft I just want to spend the rest of my life in it. *strokes robe*

John Lewis fleece robe

Short Hooded Fleece Robe, £25

I want to say a big thank you to Wendy from Little Man’s Mum for my fantastic presents – I’m seriously in love with them and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect present. And thank you so much to John Lewis for letting me take part in their challenge this year – it’s been fun!


    • says

      I know! It all looks so nice :) Each box has two sachets of hot choc in it but I’m trying not to drink them all at once. I tried the original one last week, it was really nice and rich! *.*

  1. Kelley Ryan says

    You scored on your gifts! Hot water bottles are great for the winter, especially to keep your toes and feet warm at night.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, those hot chocolates look amazing. I’m a shameless hot drink addict, but have NEVER seen anything so cute! At least, not available in my country TT_TT Do they have a brand name or website on the box?

    Hope you’re enjoying them!!
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