Happy Halloween!

I took a break from blogging and decided to join in the Halloween fun! I was talking to a couple of bloggers the other day and they were shocked to death when I said us Hungarian folks don’t celebrate Halloween. Yup, that’s right – no trick or treating, no costumes, no pumpkin carving, nothing. Which is a shame since Halloween and Christmas are my favourite parts of the year. So each year I usually celebrate with my friends – and even though we don’t go trick or treating, pumpkin carving is an annual tradition! :) 

Me and my cat (and my pumpkin, haha) would like to wish you all a happy Halloween, have a spooktacular evening and have fun!!! And most importantly, feel free to leave a comment (you know I love them!) and tell me what you’re up to tonight or show me your Halloween costumes. :-)

Love to everybody,


  1. Rebecca says

    Love your pumpkin! I'm dressing up as the devil with the blue dress on:) and going Trick-or-Treat with my kids! Happy Halloween!

  2. Adriana says

    Happy Halloween, great pumpkin, I´m from Mexico and here we don´t do the carving of the pumpkin, just the costumes and the trick or treat.
    I´m not dressing up, just my kids.

  3. belindagbuchanan says

    Vicky, I like your pumpkin and your cat!
    Tonight I'm taking my two little spooks out trick or treating in our neighborhood.

  4. Rebecca says

    Wooow, you rock at the pumpkin carving stuff o; I've done it ONCE for a Halloween party, but… LOL. Yeah… No comments. 😡

    We don't really celebrate either. ;o Well, young people have parties with costumes etc, but we don't go trick or treating or anything. We do have something which kind of is All Hallows Eve I guess (but in Swedish of course) the Saturday after Halloween, where we light candles for the dead etc, but it'd be rude going around begging for candy then. :p

  5. Vicky says

    Thank you guys! :) Yeah, my cat pretty much stole the show haha. ♥

    @Rebecca/Belinda: that sounds like fun, hope you will have a great time with the kids!

    @Adriana: Mexico, how cool! We don't celebrate Halloween either but I love Halloween so I always try to join in the fun with the US/UK folks (which usually involves pumpkin carving, eating candies and watching spooky movies haha)

    @Melissa: I love your new design!

    @Bex: LOL thank you 😀 I've only done it twice! And oh my gawd, you too? We only celebrate All Hallows Eve (which is tomorrow) when people light candles for the dead. But no trick or treating :(

  6. pauldail.com says

    Agreed with everyone here. Pumpkin looks great. Hope you have something fun to do.

    Weekend was pretty relaxing. No festivities this year with the exception of a couple scary movies (including "Quarantine." Still freaky :)

    Oh, and I dressed up for the first time ever at my teaching job (which if you know me, is less surprising when you learn I work an hour away from where I live. I love Halloween and all, but not enough to get up even earlier in the morning :) I was sort of a Western Grim Reaper.

    Paul D. Dail
    http://www.pauldail.com- A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  7. Fireflywishes says

    OMG your pumpkin is like expertly carved!! I LOVE IT! And the picture of you and your cat with the pumpkin is so awesome, love how your cat is looking right at the camera 😀 That rocks! I always butcher my pumpkin every time I've carved one, it always turns out really kiddy looking haha with like triangle eyes and like a real regular mouth with like little teeth LOL I haven't carved one in forever though – too lazy 😀

    Happy Halloween!! And yaya for you and your friends spreading Halloween to Hungary! We should really get our diplomats working on this issue, you know US bringing Halloween to Hungary. It NEEDS to be addressed 😀

    xxx April @ My Shelf Confessions

  8. Chocolate Chunky Munkie says

    Wow Vivky your pumpkin is brilliant! I've never carved a pumpkin. There were lots of people dressed up for Halloween tonight. I saw a zombie and a couple of witches 😀 I think Halloween here in the UK is growing year by year!

  9. Vicky says

    Thanks Paul! That sounds great! Although it's not suprising if you live an hour from where you work :)

    Hahahaha April, thanks! I don't know what the heck my cat was doing but I love her expression! And you need to come to Hungary and work on it, VICKY WANTS HALLOWEEN! Haha.

    Thanks Jenny! :) Whoa, never? It's so much fun, you should try it! And I need to go to the UK @ Halloween! I've never been there in October, all this trick or treating and dressing up must be great!

    Hope you all had fun! :) xxx

  10. Colleen says

    Oh wow! Your pumpkin carving is really lovely! You did a great job with it. 😀 I'm not very artistic, so mine always would end up a mess, haha

  11. Monaliz says

    We don't celebrate Halloween either, here in Finland. Kids dress up as witches at easter and sort of trick and treat then. It's a shame though, I wish I could dress up with a good reason! :) Though there's some costumeparties at bars in Halloween, but since I don't really go to bars anymore, I don't get to dress up :( But maybe next easter I could be some kick-ass witch! :)

  12. Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com says

    What an adorable pumpkin and picture :) Thanks for sharing. I hope you had an awesome Halloween.

    Mr. Whimsy and I watched Ghostbusters, ate pizza, and passed out candy.

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