European Blogger Meetup in Amsterdam: In Pictures

As you may remember from one of my previous posts, I – along with a couple of fellow European bloggers – headed to Amsterdam for a book blogger meetup/picnic two weeks ago. Since so many of you seemed interested in this impromptu event and I promised I’d show you some pictures of the city and the meeting itself, that is what I’m going to do today. :) Hurray!

One of Amsterdam's canals


Amsterdam city centre

I Amsterdam letters

Daisy and IDaisy and I in an Italian restaurant we’re never going to visit again. Ever. 😀

European Blogger Meetup

Book Bloggers in AmsterdamFrom left to right: Lauren, Judith, Debbie, Kat, Daisy, Celine

Reunited with CelineReunited with my London Book Fair and Review Copy Cleanup pal, Celine 😎


    • says

      Ooooh! It’s so odd because us European bloggers always see US bloggers tweet/blog about different meetings and we always feel like we’re too far away from each other!

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