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2014 Reading Challenges

One of my favourite things about the month of January and starting a new year is being able to sign up for brand new reading challenges. And I know I’m not the only one. I usually get so excited that I sign up for at least five different ones, but judging by what happened in the past few years (ie. me completely forgetting about every single challenge I’d signed up for by the first day of February) I’m trying to take things a little bit slower this time and be a bit more organized.

Apart from my annual Goodreads challenge of reading at least 65 books in 2014, I decided to sign up for two others. Very low key, eh?

British Books Challenge
Hosted by Feeling Fictional


The BBC is a reading challenge that was created by Becky from The Bookette in 2011 as a way to encourage people to read more books by British authors. The challenge was taken over by Kirsty at The Overflowing Library for 2012 and has been hosted at Feeling Fictional since 2013. If you sign up for the challenge you will be aiming to read at least 12 books by British Authors (which works out to one a month). The books can be in print or out, old or new titles, any genre and for any age range. For more information and to sign up click here.

I’ve been thinking about signing up for this one since last autumn, but by the time I came across someone’s sign up post it was too late and pointless to join in. I haven’t done a proper calculation yet but I think I read an equal amount of British and American (or any other nationality) books in 2013. This year, I’d like to read even more books by British authors. I’ll probably combine this challenge with my resolution to read more YA books this year and watch out for good UKYA titles to read. Any recommendations? :)