Bookish Ramblings: Who/What Books Got You Into Reading?

I know there was a point in all of our lives when we picked up a book (not expecting too much) and simply could not put it down. I know many people say they have loved reading ever since they were little but for me, that’s not the case. Which made me think and wonder how everyone else got hooked and fell in love with the literary world. Therefore, today’s ramblings topic is:

What book(s) or which author(s) got you into reading? Have you loved reading from an early age or is it something you got into during your teens? Or even later?

Lots of people will be tut-tutting when they read this, but whenever I hear someone say “I’ve loved reading ever since I was little”, I’m always a bit sceptical.  It may be just a cultural difference but I’ve seriously never heard of or known anyone in my previous schools or in my neighbourhood who has been a bookworm all his/her life.In fact, many people still don’t read at all, but that’s a thought for another time.

As for me, well… I wasn’t keen on reading when I was little. Don’t get me wrong, I did read books occasionally (Winnie the Pooh and that sort of thing) but it wasn’t something that I particularly loved doing. Then it got even worse. During my primary school years, I simply loathed it. And I blame school for that. We had so many books we were forced to read that I lost all interest and needless to say, I associated reading with a tedious chore that needed to be done once in a while. And for this reason, I didn’t start reading for fun right until my first secondary school years.

I think for me there were two authors and two book series that got me interested in reading for the first time in my life: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. Girly choice I know, but I was 13 so I’ve no regrets. *snickers* I started reading the Harry Potter series a bit later than most people but once I picked it up, I just devoured the whole thing. And the same applies to the Princess Diaries series. I loved them both for different reasons (I still do) and I’m very grateful for both authors. Of course there have been several other authors who influenced me and inspired me since then but Rowling and Meg Cabot were those who gave me the first push. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t fallen in love with reading? I might not have been a bookworm all my life but honestly, I don’t even care. I’m happy with the way things turned out.

What books or which authors made you fall in love with reading? Do you still like them or read their books?


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    I loved reading since I was little – even those books we had to read in school! However, I can’t remember the sort of one book that cemented my love of reading. What I do recall, is two series I loved reading when I was younger: Nancy Drew and the Littles, oh and Junie B Jones, haha. It’s a bit hard to really remember anything before that, although I do have faint memories of this chipboard book that was shaped like a pet store. I remember signing it out of the library SO many times! Oh, and I guess Richard Scary books!
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    I remember like reading for ages and then having a break of just not doing it so much. When I was little I read Enid blyton books ..I think there were mr twiddle books lol. She also did collections of stories which I would read a few before bed. Then ..I’m not sure I used to go to the library every week when I was about 11 and of course I discovered Harry potter around age 10 …I loved goosebumps too…..I genuinely don’t remember not reading…
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    I really actually have loved reading since I was little, although I detested school books – and usually still do. And while I love Harry Potter, I wasn’t initially hooked on the series. It was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and All American Girl by Meg Cabot that really got me into reading; they let me see both a serious and fun side to reading.

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    You know, I REALLY was just a little kid when I started to read :p My parents always show pictures of me as just a mini Mel caring books around the house. I could read all the stories by looking at pages, remembering and creating my own story :p I LOVED it when people read books to me and I always pointed them at the mistakes they made, haha. My mother sometimes tried to make the story shorter, but I always pointed out that she forgot a couple of pages :p Nobody can fool me when it comes to reading, haha.

    One picture I really like is the one where I read a story to my baby sister. She is sleeping, but I sit next to hear on the ground with a huge pile of books beside me. My finger on a line, pretending to read the words there, haha. It’s so cute! It never worked though.. My parents read books for her, but she never enjoyed it as much as I did and she rarely reads now.

    When I grew up, there was never I time I stopped reading. Going to the library with school: felt like heaven! Not only did I have books at home which I bought, got and rented, but also on school. I was always finished long before we went, so I got to bring more books with me as an exception. I actually was the only one who really enjoyed reading: I still am. There aren’t any people I know who are reading the way I do.

    The books I really liked growing up were R.L Stine. Later on Virginia Andrews and after that J.K Rowling, my first meeting with fantasy.

    I’m still glad that I’ve been reading all my life. It’s a huge passion for me and books kinda feel like friends, you know what I mean? Diving into other worlds, exploring, making friends, a little escape 😀 And I’m talking too much, I know, sorry! Haha. When I’m talking about books I can blablabla on and on, especially when it’s with other booklovers.
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    I love this question.. I’ve probably answered it a hundred times but it never gets old!

    I really have loved reading since I was little. Generally speaking, I didn’t like the books we *had* to read in school but I was hooked on RL Stine and similar books and I did enough a few that were done for school (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry) always comes to mind. I blocked out a lot of my childhood so I couldn’t tell you what I read when I was really little but my aunts (who raised me) would ground me and the only thing I was allowed to do is read, so I did. I stopped reading for quite a while in my teen years aside from Harry Potter and such and I started again about 3 years ago.
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    When I was little, I read Enid Blyton books like THE SECRET SEVEN or PETER RABBIT by Beatrice Potter and others. But what really got me into reading was, believe it or not, HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE. After reading that book, I plunged into the HP series along with other more ‘grownup’ books like THE FAMOUS FIVE (haha), NANCY DREW, and ALFRED HITCHCOCK.

    I’m not sure my parents are entirely happy that they introduced me to Harry Potter (no regrets there for me, obviously), because I’m now the biggest bookworm they’ve ever known. I spend lots of money on books (they don’t approve my money-spending) and devour them within a few days. I’m glad, though. I’m glad that I’ve fallen in love with the world of words and stories, because it has really brightened up my life.
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  7. Sina says

    I loved reading as a kid. The library was like my second home. Books about animals were my main thing, I adored Dick King Smith and the Animal Ark series. As I got older, I kept reading until my early teens, mostly girly stuff like Sweet Valley High (I still dream of owning the whole collection haha I’m such a loser) and the Georgia Nicholson series. Then as I got older, I really lost interest in reading. Like you mentioned, having to read books for school was a main factor. I’d go months without reading a book voluntarily, which is just blasphemy to me now!
    Then one day when I was about 17, they let me take home this book I had my eye on in lost property at school, the first Skulduggery Pleasant book, and thought I may as well give it a go. I have a feeling I DNF-ed it at first, but I got back to it eventually, really enjoyed it, and ended up buying the rest of the series. That kind of got me into looking around for new books, discovering YA, finding goodreads and book blogs and voila. Now I don’t know how I went so long without reading! :)

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    It’s funny, because I’m the opposite. I can’t believe some people didn’t start loving to read when they were older. Up until I could read myself, my mom read to me.

    Once I was able to read myself…I was never without a book. I would go to the library and check out enough books to read that week. (I also volunteered in the library as soon as I was old enough.)

    There’s not simply…a book that made me love reading. I loved them all. I was always switching genres and types of books.
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    I honestly cannot remember a time when i did not LOVE books. My mom regals me with stories of how I would sit on her lap for hours at a time and still not be happy when she finished telling me stories, always wanting more. When I could read by myself (I don’t remember exactly when I learned at what age, but I know it was the normal time for kids) and I’ve just always had a book close by. The first chapter book I can remember reading was The Witches by Roald Dahl, I think I remember it because it became a favorite for me, but I know I was reading and known as a “reader” well before then because my grandparents got me the book because they knew I loved to read (and was having surgery so I wouldn’t be able to do much else).. so don’t be skeptical of people who loved to read since the beginning – there are those of us out there 😀

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    I have gone through phases of reading. When I was young I LOVED the Goosebump books. But as I got older I got busy with school and I didn’t get back into reading until I graduated from college. I finally had free time to read for fun and my friend insisted I read the Twilight Saga. Those books got me back into reading and from there my co-worker started lending me books.
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    Haha, I did love reading since I was little! I remember loving Dr. Seuss, and my father tells the story of how I memorized One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish so well that they thought I could read when I was only 3 or 4. I don’t remember much else until I was about 8 or 9, when I got into Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Fantastic Five – every kid mystery novel series you can think of, I read.

    I do remember not loving reading in high school, because I haaaaated the reading assignments we got in class. I picked it up seriously again a few years ago, where I started reading in earnest. Which means I started reading 100 books a year versus the 25 or so I’d been reading in the past few years.

    So yeah, I’ve been a reader my whole life! My proudest reading fact is that I read Lord of the Rings when I was 10 and have read it every year since. XD
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    I used to read Winnie the Pooh when I was little too! And yeah, I would read with my parents when I was younger but as soon as I hit around third grade I just stopped. Then a few years later I discovered the Harry Potter books, and since then I’ve loved reading. I guess a lot of the reason why I love reading is due to my grandma always recommending books to me. Believe it or not she actuall reads a lot of good books!
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    I’ve, um, loved reading ever since I was little? No, honestly, I have, but that’s because of my parents. My mom read to me literally since the womb. I did have my favorites, though. “Pokey Little Puppy”… “Monster At The End Of This Book”… Classics.
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  14. Rebecca (Kindle Fever) says

    I’ve always loved books, even when I couldn’t read myself and when I learned how to read, I used to sit inside and read for as long as I could until they had to force me out to play with the other kids (don’t get me wrong, I did play, but I read a lot too!) When I was around 6 I asked mom for her old children’s book in English even, so I could try and read that! I failed, but I tried, haha. (Yes, I was a language lover early!) I think I was in 2nd grade when I fell in love with Harry Potter and would stay locked up in my room (or wherever we were) and read it non-stop! Lol. And when I was around 11/12 me and my friend used to sit and read together when we hung out, and then switch books when we were finished! Hahaha. People looked at us weirdly… We even read at a soccer tournament whenever we had the chance. xD

    Sadly she fell out of it at 13 and I do admit I fell out of it at the same time, as we started our high school, but at 14 I was back to the books again and when I turned 15 I read my first “real” English book–the final Harry Potter! After that I was back full force, finding AMAZING books in English and after finding Laurell K. Hamilton and Jeaniene Frost, falling in love with the paranormal, I’ve never once taken “fallen out” of it again. Sweden has a great thriller selection, but I’ve always wanted that extra with my stories!

    So yeah, I’ve pretty much loved reading my entire life. I had a time when I was more focused on friends and boys, sure, but even then I still loved to read–I just didn’t do it every moment I had free as I do now. :)
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  15. Johannah says

    My mom use to read to me every night. I enjoy her reading to me. But I didn’t pick up reading ON MY own till Middle School. Trying to remember the book… Superfudge? I think. I didn’t pick it up right away, I’d read here or there… but not tote a book around with me all the time till I got to High School.

    Dad & I were in the Grocery store and we were preparing for a storm. I passed the little side isle with books. Iris Johansen’s cover to “And Then You Die” caught my attention. The only reason it got my attention is my mother always said you NEVER start a Sentence or a title with the word ‘and’. lol. I read that during the entire storm. ha ha! That is how my love for reading bloomed.
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    I have always loved reading, even those school As a child i gobbled up chapter books, Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Judy Blume. As a teen..Stephen King, Agatha Christy, and any historical romance i could get my hands on.
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    I loved reading all my life too, but I think I’ll have to blame my parents for that. They read stories about gnomes and cats to me every night, so when I finally could read myself I devoured everything in our local library. I think I was about seven when I read the first Harry Potter book, and I’ve read the first four books over ten times since then.

    I did stop reading for a few years when I was 12. But then I discovered Goodreads, and I’m back to reading full-time again xD
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    I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but my mum kept me well stocked in books, either new or second hand. She also signed us up for the library from a very young age.

    Then, when I was 9, we had a teacher who loved books. He read loads of books to us during that year and really brought them to life.

    So I have two people to thank for my love of books.
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  19. Siobhan @ Totally Bookalicious says

    I did read growing up but not often. I spent all my times being outside. I grow up on harry potter since I was 10 when book one came out and I read a few others. But it wasnt until 2009 and I read Twilight that I turned into bookworm. And I’ve been reading since.
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  20. Elle says

    Very Interesting!

    I kinda agree a little with the whole ‘haven’t see many young people read’

    I went to the library every Friday but I don’t really think I read much. I like ‘Where’s Wally?’ and other puzzle books. Not much reading involved.

    The first series that got me ‘into’ reading was the Making Out series by Katherine Applegate. I absolutely adore it. It definitely got me started.

    HP came a little after.

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    Ok to the extent of making you skeptical, yes, I did enjoy reading from the beginning. I have a really lousy memory, so I don’t remember if I ever read all those cartoonish, picture books or not.

    My earliest memory is of me being 8 perhaps, when we started having library periods during school.

    I remember devouring The Baby Sitters Club books and wondering why didn’t we have the concept in India.

    My next choice after finishing that series was the Sweet Valley High books and I think I finished reading all of them too.

    I also remember reading Nancy Drew once in a while but they weren’t my first choice for sure.

    I always almost cursed the school for giving us one card and expecting us to read one book in a week. Hell, I finished it the same day I got it from the library; the next day, I read my sister’s library book and then swapped with friends the entire week. I think I read at least a book in 2 days, if not every day.

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    I love to see those converted to reading!! I have always been a reader, sneaking time away and avoiding the outdoors just to hide and read a good book. I would say my daughter is more like you and has occassionally loved a book she has picked up. I hope when she is not required to read for school that she may find the love of books!!
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  23. Lady Jaye says

    ‘ve been a bookworm al my life. My aunt tells me stories of me bringing a rhino book from school and me making everyone read it or me reading it to everyone. I remember reading all the penguin children’s classics by myself before I was 6 years old and reading them over and over again. I remember the Babysitters Club in 4th grade, and the boxcar children and Bobbsey twins, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and all the Enid Blyton books and series before that. I remember the African writers series for children. I remember the Secret Circle, Harry Potter and Animorphs and reading most of these series and their spinoffs all before 6th grade.

    What is unbelievable about people who have always loved to read?

    • says

      It’s just the fact that I haven’t seen many people who read so many books at such an early age, that’s all. But as I said, it must be a cultural difference – our reading habits vary from nation to nation and where I live, I don’t see too many people read, not even today. Sad, but true.

      • Lady Jaye says

        To be fair, me and the few people who loved to read in our class were the exceptions to the rule, and as we grew up, many of them stopped reading as much. i think a lot of avid readers don’t know many people in their lives who like to read as much as they do – that’s why we all end up online, haha.

  24. says

    My justification for the “I’ve always loved reading” is that my parents are both huge book worms and nerds and so they were reading books to me literally since my mom knew she was pregnant. I remember my mom buying two copies of picture books so that when she was traveling she could read to me over the phone. My dad read me The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring and would have continued if I hadn’t then proceeded to continue without him. The first set of books that I truly devoured every one I could find though was Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern because a. dragons rock and b. omg so many of them! :D. There have certainly been times in my life that I’ve read less than others, usually due to my school workload completely consuming that part of my life (which will undoubtedly continue in graduate school :D) but it’s really true for me that my love of reading started very very young and it’s completely my parents’ fault :) which I thank them for every day.

    Do you mind if I expand on this for a blog post and link back to your post? More and more childhood reading stories are popping into my mind now xD

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    I actually really have ALWAYS loved reading! I started writing a diary when I was about 4 and a half and on the very front page I put stuff like my name and my favourite things – and for my favourite hobby I wrote ‘ reading books’!

    When I was a little, for a LONG time, Enid Blyton was my absolute favourite author. I read loads of her books – pretty much anything I could lay my hands on! (Apart from the Famous Five series – for some reason, I never liked those…)

    I seriously cannot remember a time when I did not love reading! I read all the time now, and I read all the time when I was little (probably why I needed glasses at a very young age :-( )My whole life, I’ve been an avid reader and I don’t think I will ever stop loving books because, really, there’s something magical about them, isn’t there?

    Interesting topic 😉

    The Book Parade
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