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Hi guys! Today I wanted to introduce you to a brilliant initiative by Headline Publishing Group. Headline is launching a brand new website called Bookbridgr today, which allows book bloggers to request upcoming titles and exclusive author content directly from the publisher. I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the ten beta testers who got to have a play around and get their profile started before the official launch, and now I want to share my experience with you. I’ll guide you through some of the website’s most important features and show you, in a nutshell, how it work exactly, so that you can join us if you like what you see.

One of the site’s most essential features is being able to browse the publisher’s upcoming titles, as well as the ones that have been published recently. It lets you search for a specific title, as well as browse books based on their genre, which I absolutely love. Selecting a specific genre narrows the list down and is perfect if you don’t really know what you’d like to read.

The list also tells you the book’s publication date (very handy when you’re trying to plan ahead and are looking for blog content for the next few months), it’s format, genre and price.

Clicking on ‘more info’ takes you to the given book’s page where you’ll find more detailed information and where you can read the full synopsis as well.

As you can see below, the books’ pages look quite similar to what we have on NetGalley, including detailed information about the book and the book description. What’s different, though, is that not only can you request a copy of the book (either an e-book or a physical copy, depending on your preference) but you can also request exclusive content directly from the publicist who works with this title.

Exclusive content includes hosting a giveaway, posting an extract from the book, and other content related to the book (if you have any particular ideas for a blog post, you can write them in a box, which will then be sent to the publicity team for consideration). You can also request an interview from the author, or let the publisher know if you’ve already written about the book.

Another thing I love on Bookbridgr is the fact that you can join a blog tour in literally two minutes. No back and forth emails with the publicist and waiting for each other’s reply for days. Once you select which blog tour you’d like to sign up for, you’ll see all the information you need: the dates, all the available author content you can request, and of course the synopsis.

Clicking on ‘begin application’ will take you to a separate page where you can enter your preferred blog tour stop date and author content, as well as add a message to the publicity team if you have any questions or suggestions.

You’ll see an example in the photo here. (click to on the photo to enlarge)

Similarly to what we saw on NetGalley, Bookbridgr also lets you submit – or as they refer to it on the website, ‘bridg’ – any reviews, blog tour posts, competitions, author Q&A’s or other articles you have previously written. According to the website, “one of the main functions of Bookbridgr is to give you, the blogger, the ability to share your book coverage with publishers, so that they can share it with the authors. Publishers are also interested in taking quotes from bloggers to use in subsequent printings of books, and ebooks too. Each time you submit a piece of coverage to bookbridgr, your Star Rating goes up – this is a great way to show publishers quite how prolific you are, and what kinds of content works the best on your blog. Submitting content is a great way to share your coverage with publisher and author alike, and some publishers may include your praise for their books on future editions in print and ebook.”

I’ve been experimenting with the website for about a week now and I have to say, I really like it.  I love how easy it is to request review copies or any other features related to a certain book without having to chase down the person responsible for that particular title. It makes this process so much easier and time-efficient and is a great way to discover new titles as well.

Will you give Bookbridgr a try? What do you think of this idea?


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    I’ve signed up to Bookbridgr and received a copy of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock through it (thanks to you mentioning it in Sunday Showcase!). So easy to use! I love it! Sadly, Headline doesn’t publish many books I’m interested in, so I doubt my rating will go up that much, all that quickly. But I do think it’s awesome!

    I wonder if other publishers will follow suit with something similar. It is much quicker. It would be a little annoying to have lots of different ones to sign up too, so perhaps Headline will allow other publishers to jump on board with Bookbridgr. However, I’m not sure I’d like to lose all contact with the publicists. I do like the relationships you form with them, how they get to know you and your taste in books well enough to single you out specifically to see if you want a review copy. A bit of both would be good! :)
    Jo recently posted..Review: Just One Day by Gayle FormanMy Profile

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      Hi Jo, about 20 other publishers in the UK and 300 worldwide DO have a service like this—NetGalley! You can register for free, fill out a profile, and request digital proofs. Take a look and please let us know if you have any questions at all.

      Susan Ruszala
      President, NetGalley

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        Hi Susan, I’m already a member of NetGalley, and love using it. However, generally speaking, I do prefer physical books. So Bookbridgr is awesome for that, plus the other content. But already a big fan of NetGalley :) It does make things so easy!
        Jo recently posted..Review: Just One Day by Gayle FormanMy Profile

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    It looks really good. And they don’t mind giving physical copies either if we prefer. I’m only a little disappointed as it is active only in UK and ROI. Hopefully it’ll become worldwide soon and then I can join.
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