BBT Howl-O-Ween 2011 – Day 3

Hello and welcome back! It’s the third day of Howl-O-Ween and I’m happy to tell you that we have another guest author for today. Since Halloween is coming up, my aim was to introduce you to some mystery/horror writers you wouldn’t meet under normal circumstances. Our next guest is going to talk about her murder mystery/thriller/ suspense novel, Snow Escape and why she started writing in the first place. Please welcome

Roberta Goodman

Before I write about my experience, I want to thank Vicky for inviting me to participate on her wonderful blog.

I’ve always loved to write, but for years I could never find the time to devote to it. When I turned 36 and both of my children were in school, I decided to embark on a writing career. They say writers write what they know, so I chose to weave different stories I had heard about my unique family into a full-length novel. It took ten months to finish and soon after I started querying agents.

The idea for Snow Escape came to me while I was still querying for my first manuscript. The winter of 2009/2010 my area of the country endured three massive snowstorms, two of which occurred within a week of each other. A week after the back-to-back storms, I was sitting at my computer working. Another storm was coming through, but this one was predicted to move north and not drop any measurable amount of snow. I remember looking out my window at the falling snow and thinking “Thank God this storm is headed to New York. Let them get dumped on, because I’m sick of snow.”

That was my light bulb moment. What if you had a woman, a teacher, living in Brooklyn, NY, and she’s trapped in her apartment building, because it just keeps snowing? What if this woman has used an online dating site to meet men and one of these men decides to use the weather event to terrorize her? He contacts her and they talk via Instant Messenger. He lets it slip that he’s been stalking her for weeks and lives in her apartment building. I knew I wanted to write the story in a way that readers would wonder if horrible things really were happening to my main character Allegra, or was she just imagining it.

It took a total of five months to write and when it was finished I started the process of querying again. Like my first manuscript, I was unsuccessful in securing representation, so I ended up setting Snow Escape aside. It would end up sitting in my computer for a year, while a health crisis hit my family.

At the beginning of 2011, my husband was diagnosed with Testicular cancer. It was a devastating time, but I had to stay strong and find a way to cope with the stress of his having to go through surgery and chemotherapy. I turned to writing and began a manuscript about our struggle, because I felt it was important to get the word out about this disease. He endured four aggressive cycles of chemo for a total of twenty doses. Back in May, he was told he was cancer free. My family is fortunate that he came through it and healed so well.

After I was finished my third manuscript, I began the querying process yet again. This time I was told the story is too personal, therefore it’s not marketable. I made the decision to set aside this story for the time being. Truthfully, I didn’t know what direction my potential writing career was going to take. I had done some freelance work, but I knew in my heart that writing novels is what I needed to be doing.

This past July, for some unexplainable reason, something compelled me to start revising Snow Escape. I did and within a week, through fate, I had the number of a local small e-Publisher. I called her and told her about my project. She requested a query. I sent her one and a synopsis and she emailed me back within a half hour. She wanted the synopsis again and the first three chapters. I was to be reviewed by a panel of five and if the majority liked it, I would be signed to an e-Book contract. A little over a week later, I got an email telling me that my murder mystery/thriller/ suspense, Snow Escape, was going to be published. It was released on October 1st.

I’m in the process of revising my first manuscript and when I’m finished I’ll be revising my third one. I hope to get both published in the future. I’m living proof that if you just work really hard and persevere long enough your work will eventually get acknowledged. Thank you again Vicky for letting me share my experience of writing and getting Snow Escape published.

Set against the backdrop of a historic snowstorm, Snow Escape is the story of one woman’s innocent foray into the world of online dating turned deadly.
Allegra Maxwell is a 30-year old, single school teacher looking for love. Having chosen to use the Internet to meet the opposite sex, she encounters an articulate, prospective beau on the night the biggest blizzard in history is blanketing the Big Apple. Their pleasant conversation soon turns sinister when she discovers that “Charles” has been stalking her for weeks and claims he lives in her building. With threats of destroying her little by little are made, Allegra must stay one step ahead of the mind games. Turning to neighbors for help, tragic consequences ensue.
When her sanity is questioned, because the online evidence her stalker exists disappears, Allegra must prove he does exist and she isn’t losing her mind. When a power outage thrusts her into darkness, will she be able to overcome the helplessness she feels? Placed in a situation that’s spiraling totally out of her control, while trapped in her apartment building with no escape, will she survive until the authorities can reach her?

Snow cake is available in Kindle format on the following websites:

For further information, visit Roberta’s blog at


Ro, thanks for joining us today!  I really enjoyed your post and I can’t wait to read Snow Escape! :-)

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow! That book looks real good. o: *need to read*

    I'm so glad your husband came out of it alright, Roberta! Cancer is scary.

  2. RoGoodman says:

    Thank you so much Vicky for allowing me to express myself on your forum :) Thank you Rebecca :) Yes, Cancer is extremely scary and I hope one day a cure is found, so no one has to suffer with it ever again!!!

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